Warning: There are an increasing number of fraudulent websites that impersonate ECCMID. We would like to alert all our members and delegates to possible scams and we strongly advise you to use only the official ECCMID online registration for your bookings.

Paper poster sessions (PS)

As ECCMID 2020 is an online congress, all Paper Poster and all paper Poster Sessions will be purely online.
Posters are displayed throughout the congress and until 3months after the congress dates on www.eccmidlive.org.
Poster presenters can upload their ePoster and add (if they like) a voiceover.

Paper poster presenters are invited to upload their paper print file in PDF format.

 We suggest you design your poster to contain the following parts:

  • Title, author and affiliation
    (on the upper edge, across the width of the whole poster)
  • Introduction and purpose
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions
  • Your Poster Number (right upper corner)

    Additional points to consider:

  • The text can be broken up by the inclusion of drawings, charts and photos.
  • Please note that you are required to list any disclosures at the end of your poster.
  • An electronic version of your poster can be additionally uploaded for the publication in the ESCMID eLibrary, ePoster station at the congress and on the congress website. Further details will be sent to you by the end of January 2020. Your electronic poster will be available for continuous viewing throughout the entire congress and thereafter.
  • The template to create your ePoster for ECCMID 2020 in Paris, is available here.



Certificates of presentation get sent shortly after the congress to the presenting author on file. He/She is responsible to send this certificate to his/her co-authors.

In order to receive the certificate the following points need to be fulfilled:

  • ePoster was uploaded before the 13.04.2020 with or without voiceover recording.