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I've noticed that for abstract submission is mandatory to be an ESCMID member. Is this correct?
You don’t need to be a member to submit an abstract, but you need an ESCMID account, that can be created here at no cost.


Are agencies allowed to submit abstracts on behalf of the authors?
Yes agencies can submit abstracts, kindly note that you need an ESCMID account to submit an abstract for 2020, that can be generated here. Submitting agencies will be informed about the outcome of the abstract, they are kindly requested to forward this information to all involved authors.


How many abstracts can be submitted by author?  
An author can submit as many abstract as they want. There is no limitation. This includes also co-authorship.

Will you accept abstracts of narrative literature review?
We can accept literature reviews, but only with a case-report.


Are you accepting case reports or just research projects?
We do accept case reports. Please use the abstract submission system for submitting original data.


For case reports: can the proposed template Background/Materials/Results/Conclusion be replaced by Background/case report/Conclusions.
Yes this is possible, as long as the downloaded template is used, as it is coded.


I wonder whether you accept abstract in systematic review, meta-analysis and network meta-analysis?
Yes, we do, please submit your abstract for 2020 by using the official submission system.

Are ‘Trials in Progress’ permitted to be submitted to ECCMID?
If you are running a ‘Trial in Progress’, in which results are only expected after the regular abstract deadline (27 November 2019), please submit your abstract, including results, in the “Late Breaker” abstract call (spring 2020) rather than without results in the regular call.


Is there a limit to the number of authors per abstract?
We do not have a limit of authors per abstract, but would not recommend more than 30 persons, due to the readability of the abstract. Study groups can also be added separately.


Do you accept abstracts on national Public Health policies, for example reimbursement policies?
Yes, we do accept abstracts on national policies, even if they concern a single country (no geographic restrictions).


We are about to launch a public health alert either via briefing note or public health bulletin – would it still be possible to submit an abstract on the incident in a wider context and including additional data?
Yes, this is possible. Please submit your abstract for 2020 by using the official submission system.


Do you accept abstracts in which only a part of the results will be published before 18.4.2020 for the submission?
Yes, we do.


Can we use brand names?
Brand names cannot be used in titles; product names can be used in titles, but we suggest to avoid them.


Do you allow encore abstract submissions to be submitted to your ECCMID congress?
We cannot accept encores for ECCMID.
Only original material not published prior to 18 April 2020.


Can I add figures or additional text from what was in my originally submitted abstract?
Yes, you are able to add text and figures to your original abstract, you are not restricted by the text and figures originally submitted.

Is there a late-breaker submission for ECCMID 2020?
Yes, we will have a late-breaker submission. Dates and terms & conditions will be communicated in January 2020. We suggest you sign up for our newsletter here and follow us on Twitter to not miss any information.

Could you please advise if plain language summaries, or patient lay summaries, are permitted to be added to your congress posters via QR code?
Yes this is permitted.

When do we get notified about the results of submitted abstracts?
The results will be communicated in late-January 2020, before the early-bird registration deadline.


Will it be possible to withdraw already accepted abstracts (until a certain date) for ECCMID 2020?
Abstracts can be withdrawn until 10 days before the congress, when they are publicly published. Kindly note that your abstract might still appear in the printed programme, depending on the time of withdrawal.


Do abstracts that are submitted to the congress get an impact factor?
There is no impact factor for abstract submitted to ECCMID.